Read This First

If you are faint of heart and easily offended please leave now. I do not write because I feel the need to validate myself. I’m comfortable in my own skin, my own sense of self worth is not vested in your opinion. I prefer to be the Grey Man. Sometimes doing so benefits me at the expense of others.

We are all part of the family of man. Those that choose to exploit that to their advantage make their character easily known. The potential that someone may exploit us does not relieve us of the responsibility to do the right thing. Love of family, honesty, integrity and brotherhood are timeless values that stand apart from any ethnic, social or political group we may belong to.

This blog exists because I’ve tried for years to put tidbits of information out there that will clear the air on any of a multitude of issues and often get requests to elaborate. At this juncture it serves my best interests to say things one time in one place. It is in it’s infancy at the moment but I’ve been writing potential posts for years. A recent comment from an author/reader persuaded me to move forward. If you’ve found this place and feel the information within is valuable please let others know.

Here is where I offend many of you. I find that a number of blogs exist to, either give frustrated authors an outlet to vent themselves or, as a cottage industry to make money from advertisements or books, usually written by the author. Frequently the information is wholly inaccurate and does more harm than good. As a man I suffer from the same limitations as others so please accept my apology if I’m guilty of my own indictment. I go to great lengths to be certain that what I publish is accurate.

You will find no wild diatribes accusing one political faction of heresy while glossing over another’s inadequacies. The greater good is served by a calm conversation involving all participants. We all have a piece of the truth and not until we sit together and share our insights and understand those of others will we have peace. In today’s world of gotcha! politics media finds that sells advertising. Once again the greater good of the world is sacrificed to sell a product. Give that some thought.

Any mention of products or services occur because I use them. I am in no way endorsing them. I often choose something because of the price/performance it offers. It’s been my experience that everything except life is disposable. The key is how long and well does it perform for the price.

Should I post pictures or videos of a project you will find they are actual pictures of the project at hand and not camera ready art purchased elsewhere. Please accept the good with the bad and the ugly. Life is not always pretty.

I am always open to feedback, communication in one direction is broadcasting and that is not my intent.